We are equipped to offer total package design solutions according to the scope of the project. We are thoroughly experienced with interpretation of ASME Section VIII Div. 1 and Div. 2 and numerous API and DNV specifications. See below for details on the design services we provide.

With the high costs and risks associated with modern day challenges such as increased loading, water depths, and operating pressures, we assess the technical considerations to provide a high level of confidence to either proceed with, change the scope of work for, or abandon a proposed project.
We specialize in the development of technical solutions for situations outside of the established limits. See our experience page for numerous examples of projects the required creative problem solving and unique solutions.
From written documents to slide presentations to animations, we support all facets of the design proposal process.
The increasing demand for third party review and/or external agency approval puts an additional burden on design teams and the manufacturing process. We provide full support for third party reviews including interpretation of applicable standards, establishment of design basis criteria, document submittals, comment responses and interface meetings.
We perform all required detailed analysis of designed components.  For additional details, see our Analysis page.
While 3-D CAD modeling is an integral part of the modern design process, as a standard we generate 2-D CAD layouts for each design that are used to verify 3-D model accuracy, check drawings, and allow easy interface & system checking.
Our design scope includes material selection for considerations of mechanical strength, microstructure composition, weldability, fatigue & wear resistance, chemical compatibility, and more.
Originating from 3-D CAD models, we produce machine, weldment and assembly drawings with accuracy and clarity. This is critical in the manufacturing process to avoid costly errors and time delays.
Our testing & operating procedures not only ensure that the product is subject to the appropriate processes, but are written with a focus on clarity to ensure they are interpreted correctly by assembly technicians.
Although the core of our business is intellectual services, we support the design process to the completion of the project including onsite support and troubleshooting as necessary.