Entagral’s core design experience is in engineered pipeline products. With supporting an inventory product line, leading product development to extend size and capacity ranges, and also developing custom engineered solutions for unique & challenging scenarios.

We are available to offer our workshop, ‘Subsea Pipeline Products and Repairs’, at your facility. CLICK HERE to see a summary of the presentation. Contact us anytime to schedule a workshop.

We support numerous pipeline products including:

  • Custom Flanges
  • Swivel Flanges
  • Articulating Flanges
  • Standard Wyes
  • Bi-Directional Diverting Pigging Wyes
  • Forged Tees
  • Fabricated Tees
  • Hot Tap Fittings
  • Collet Style Hub Connectors
  • Two and Three Part Clamp Style Hub Connectors
  • Electrical Insulating Connectors
  • Pressure Equilibrium Separation Joints
We design pipeline products in compliance with any applicable governing specification such as ASME Section VIII, API 17D or DNV-OS-F101.

For the products listed, we engineer a comprehensive range of connection/sealing options:

  • Butt Welded Ends
  • Pressure Energized Metal Seals
  • Mechanically Energized Metal Seals
  • Pressure Energized Elastomer Seals
  • Mechanically Energized Elastomer Seals

Whether you are looking to develop a custom solution or are seeking interface with an equipment supplier, Entagral’s skills and experience are an invaluable asset to the efficient, reliable and cost effective utilization of pipeline products in offshore projects.

Please visit our Experience page for details on previous offshore pipeline projects.