Corrosion, accidental damage, and storms are some of the many factors that can lead to leaking connections and other issues with offshore pipelines. The costs and complexity of repairs increases dramatically in deepwater applications. Entagral Engineering has a extensive of experience with pipeline repair systems and tools. We develop shallow (diver assist) and deepwater (diverless) solutions for any problems associated with pipelines.

We are available to offer our workshop, ‘Subsea Pipeline Products and Repairs’, at your facility. CLICK HERE to see a summary of the presentation. Contact us anytime to schedule a workshop.

Engineered solutions include:

  • Pipeline Repair Clamps
  • Custom Encapsulation Clamps
  • Pipeline Repair Spool or Jumper Connectors
  • Pipe Retrieval Tools
  • Pipe Handling/Lift Frames
  • Deepwater Pipeline Repair Systems
  • Flange Stud Load Restoration Clamps
We design pipeline repair products and systems in compliance with any applicable governing code or specification such as DNV-RP-F113.

Whether you need to identify & develop a solution or are seeking an interface with a repair equipment supplier, Entagral’s skills and experience are an invaluable asset to the efficient, reliable and cost effective address of offshore pipeline problems.

Please visit our Experience page for details on previous offshore pipeline projects.