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Design of pressure retaining and load bearing components in compliance with industry standards.


Classical, FEA, CFD, and Thermal analysis of mechanical, pressure containing and load bearing assemblies.


Special projects

Custom engineering projects from inception to installation support. Turnkey projects welcome.


Offshore service department to support in-house custom installations or complement customer staffing or equipment needs.



Plan, Manage, Communicate,  Execute →   Safety, Quality, Profitability, Customer Satisfaction = Success

DeSIGN & ANALYSIS Experience

Entagral Engineering is an engineering and technical services company that supports a wide variety of industries, worldwide, including oil & gas (offshore and onshore), power generation, petrochemical, pulp & paper and alternative energy.

Area of expertise and scope of services, 

  • Perform design and analysis of custom fittings to support repair, hot tap, test and intervention of onshore pipelines, tanks and pressure vessels.
  • Perform engineering and installation services to support the repair, hot tap, intervention and connection of subsea pipelines, risers and associated fittings.
  • Perform finite element analysis (FEA) of load bearing and pressure containing components as well as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and FEA thermal assessments.
  • Perform turnkey services relating to custom subsea pipeline products – inception to installation
  • Supply offshore technical staff and equipment. Day rates and equipment rental available to support offshore pipeline related projects.
  • Provide support for custom mechanical engineering projects. Engineering or turnkey.
  • Provide project management services.

What makes us different...

“Entagral Engineering was founded 2013 in Houston Texas and shortly thereafter established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as well as West Africa. We have since grown into a diverse, global engineering and services company with a reputation for providing innovative engineering solutions to both downstream and upstream customers, in particular pipeline, riser, and fitting repair. We offer hybrid pipeline and fitting repair solutions by applying upstream repair technology to land based pipeline projects and vice versa. This approach allows Entagral to offer custom, cost effective solutions to customers not commonly available elsewhere in industry. We complement our engineering solutions team with our fully staffed and equipped offshore service department with the unique ability to offer diversified turnkey engineering, manufacture, test, and installation solutions on a case by case basis.”

Lyman, Dolan, Founder


section of our work gallery

Experience you can Trust

Supporting a wide variety of global industries: 

  • Petrochemical

  • Offshore

  • Alternative Offshore

  • Subsea

  • Midstream

  • Downstream

  • Nuclear

  • Alternative Energy

  • Pulp & Paper


Land based pipelines, fittings, tanks, and vessels are subject to corrosion, erosion, vibration and fatigue failures, as well as inherent metallurgical defects causing leaks and unsafe conditions. Entagral Engineering has the resources to provide custom engineering solutions to remediate these issues. Subsea assets are subject to corrosion, accidental damage, and storms and other factors that can lead to leaking connections and other issues with offshore pipelines and fittings – deep-water and shallow water. Entagral Engineering has extensive experience with subsea pipeline repair systems and tools. We develop shallow (diver assist) and deep-water (diverless) conventional and custom solutions for any problems associated with subsea pipelines and fittings.


Additional areas of expertise and scope of services include turnkey services relating to custom sub-sea pipeline products – inception to installation, offshore technical staff and equipment, day rates and equipment rental available to support offshore pipeline related projects, and special and custom mechanical projects. Engineering or turnkey.