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Entagral’s computation fluid dynamics (CFD) experts perform a full range of combustion, fluid flow, heat/mass transfer, and fluid-structure interaction simulation and analysis.

CFD applications include the following:

  • Steady-state, transient, and combustion flows and heat transfers, e.g. reciprocating engine and turbine combustion analysis
  • Flows and heat transfers under inviscid, viscous, and compressible flow conditions, e.g. pump and compressor flow analysis
  • Multiphase, multi-fluid, and multi-physics flow simulations and analysis, e.g. vaporization and condensation in heat exchangers
  • Flow assurance and cavitations studies in ultra-high pressure to vacuum conditions, e.g. flows in subsea/process equipment
  • Internal/external flows with turbulent, flow induced vibration (FIV), and vortex induced vibration (VIV), e.g. pipeline and riser analysis
  • Free surface flows including surface waves, e.g. study of wave-structure interactions, and wake/vortex development around FPSO’s
  • Turbulent, swirling, and rotating flows in narrow and micro passages, e.g. flows in rotating flow equipments and hydrogen fuel cells
  • Fluid-structure interactions in subsea, downstream/upstream equipments, pipelines, and components
  • Heat/mass transfer, drop disintegration, expansion, adsorption, and absorption studies on spray and jet flows, e.g. fuel sprays, process sprays, and water jet cutting and cleaning