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Entagral Engineering can manage any of your custom projects including design and analysis and turnkey support.



Entagral Engineering team has managed many custom projects, domestic and international, including design and analysis and/or turnkey support for land based, offshore and subsea customer assets. Included below is a cross-section of memorable projects.

  • 3/4 inch nom mechanical xline fitting. The X-line provides intervention of the pipeline by completely severing pipeline whilst sealing and restraining pressure end load and adding structural reinforcement to pipe.
  • 18 inch pipeline jacket repair. Designed and analyzed outer weld-on reinforcement jacket to requirements of ASME B31.3 pipeline code.
  • 36 inch mitered refractory jacket repair. Refractory lined mitered pipeline elbow developed hotspots due to loss of refractory. Engineered mitered replacement jacket.
  • 36 inch nom elbow hottap. A customer fixture and hottap nozzle were designed to allow tapping into a 36 inch nom long radius elbow.
  • As-built valve bridge. A legacy 12 inch ammonia valve with inability to procure discontinued parts and damaged bridge was dismantled and back engineered with Faro® arm data.
  • Custom subsea valve repair installation. A vent valve leaking natural gas on a subsea valve bonnet was suppressed to zero leakage.
  • Downstream mechanical hottap. Upstream technology was utilized and mechanical hottap was engineered, installed and tapped in a refinery with volatile service environment – steady state temperature application.
  • Entagral test bay turnkey project. Designed, analyzed, and constructed by Entagral for high pressure oil field equipment testing. Scope of service was to provide secondary projectile mitigation and enhanced safety.
  • Long term storage canisters. Designed and analyzed for long term, climatized storage of contingency subsea pipeline equipment.
  • Nuclear power plant tube bundle repair. Subsea pipeline technology utilized for geometrically optimized leak suppression in a nuclear power plant with radiation resistant seals.
  • Pipe crimp Assembly. Hydraulically actuated crimp blocks for pipeline isolation and sealing.
  • Pipe trunnion repair with grip support. Corroded pipeline trunnion online replacement leak repair fitting and long term gripping to provide weight support for hydrocarbon pipeline.
  • Pipeline double grip housing. Temporary pipeline restraint and reinforcement for pipeline separation concerns.
  • Remote handling and installation tool for nuclear power plant tube bundle repair. The tool was designed to manipulate and install repair clamp through a highly obstructed environment.
  • Roof tank repair. Roof tank and nozzle sealing plus reinforcement with compound rooftop angle. The metrology of the roof was determined and sealing surface precisely machined via CNC.
  • Structural multiplane pipeline repair. Flanged design with multiple phase metrology to seal and reinforce pipeline and pipeline fittings.
  • Tank testing subsea fitting. Customer required tank testing to qualify custom subsea leak suppression fitting. Testing included surface refurbishment and sealing to 3350 psi.
  • Transducer flange repair in nuclear plant. Finite element analysis and supplemental repair fittings necessary to suppress leak in nuclear facility.
  • Repair of a corroded valve on a 10 foot highly obstructed refinery pressure vessel.
  • Back engineering and finite element analysis of an industrial tank cleaning water cannon.