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Entagral Engineering has a fully staffed and equipped offshore service department to support in-house custom installations or complement customer staffing or equipment needs for traditionally standard pipeline product installation.  In addition to direct installation or customer support, Entagral Engineering has technical experience and track record to create, write, and issue offshore procedures to support specific end user installation requirements or OEMs that require assistance for complex installation projects.

Service personnel experience includes subsea pipeline repair and connection, both shallow water and deep-water; Gulf of Mexico and worldwide. This includes supervising the assembly and installation of  subsea pipeline products and subsea activities for both emergency and routine installations. Additionally, many shallow water hottap installations have been supported by Entagral staff worldwide.  Staff also has select knowledge of conducting inspections of existing products in storage and detailing and recommending products slated for refurbishment or new product replacement recommendations.

  • Offshore pipeline repair procedure creation
  • Technical review of customer procedures
  • Fully staffed and equipped service department
  • Install Entagral custom pipeline repair products
  • Support OEMs to supplement staffing and equipment needs
  • Support customer complex installation technical needs
  • Equipment qualification testing
  • Global support


Entagral has a track record for supervising complex pipeline repair installations including installation procedure creation, equipment selection and logistics for end user subsea product installation.

Entagral also provides turnkey resolutions for custom, non-standard product installations. We have a reputation for assessing unique customer subsea pipe and fitting issues and developing a turnkey solution from inception to installation. 

customer support

Entagral employs personnel that have years of experience supervising the assembly, testing inspection and installation of subsea pipeline repair, connection, hot tapping and intervention products worldwide.  We can support and complement OEMs or end users with service equipment and personnel on as as-needed basis for these needs. Climatized storage facility is available and has been utilized to provide short-term or long-term storage for end user pipeline products and equipment