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core analysis expertise: finite element analysis

As an increasing number of industry specifications are tailored to finite element analysis methods, we are experienced in establishing the model setup and extracting the results according to the requirements of the specifications (e.g. ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, Div. 2 and Div. 3, API 6A, API 8C, DNV OS-F101).

  •  Linear (elastic) and non-linear (elastic-plastic) material properties
  •  Multi-body component interaction, e.g. motion studies
  •  Pre-tensioned bolt connections, e.g. clamps, bonnets, and flanges
  •  Threaded connections, e.g. riser joints
  •  Thermal loading, e.g. capacity reduction at elevated temperatures
  •  Contact pressure investigation, e.g. sealing applications
  •  Global plastic collapse assessment, e.g. pressure vessel capacity
  •  Local stress and/or strain evaluation, e.g. identification of stress risers
  •  Buckling analysis, e.g. external pressure capacity